Are you a woman healthcare professional who wants to grow, protect and preserve her wealth?

Women who are physicians, dentists, and other healthcare professionals are faced with a unique set of challenges in securing office space, building and protecting their income and planning for a secure retirement.
As fellow healthcare professionals, we understand your unique needs and will work with you to achieve financial balance and protect your business and family.

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Specializing in Real Estate and Financial Services for Women Medical and Dental Practice Owners


Real Estate and healthcare costs are major expenditures for individuals and couples in both pre and post retirement.  Several studies have cited that healthcare costs alone can reach $200,000 - $300,000 over 20 years in retirement.  However, these fundamental categories typically do not received the same level of specialized planning as other categories such as investment planning, estate planning, etc. 



Within my practice, I have a unique focus tailored toward independent women who are doctors, dentists, other healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs who manage a small medical/dental practice or business with 25 employees or less.  First, I protect my clients and their income from unexpected occurrences that can could cause financial hardship.  Second, I help my clients accumulate assets through safe investment options.

I educate and empower my clients to make smart healthcare and benefit decisions for themselves and their employees by introducing them to innovative products and solutions that

Can reduce benefit costs without cutting benefits

Improve health outcomes for their employees

Build a healthcare planning platform for retirement

My clients appreciate my ability to demystify the multitude of health and benefit options and present solutions in an easy to understand format customized to address each client’s specific needs and requirements.  I also keep my clients current with the continuing changes in federal and state legislation, Health Care Reform, Medicare and Social Security. 

I provide medical and dental practice owners business protection and health benefits strategies, employee group health strategies and other traditional and group benefits.  Life, disability and long-term care insurance strategies for business owners, their employees and individuals are also available.



As a licensed realtor in Pennsylvania and Arizona as well as an investment property owner myself, I believe that real estate assets can be an important component of a diversified retirement income portfolio.  Income-producing properties including single-family homes, vacation or second homes and commercial properties can be viable alternative to stocks and bonds.  There are also other financial products that can build retirement income safely.


Contact Louise 

  • If you are interested in obtaining a no-cost, no-obligation review of your current employee benefit package or understanding the steps necessary to start offering benefits to your employees


  • If you are one of the many woman healthcare professionals and business owners currently not being represented in real estate transactions and would like more information on building retirement income with real estate or other alternatives.


From real estate to asset accumulation and protection to employee benefits, Pearcy Professional Solutions has a prescription to help your business grow and prosper.  





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